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Industry Based Curriculum

Extreme care is taken to ensure that all the students acquire enough study material to be able to satisfy them. The students are engaged in such extra-curricular activities which gives them a closer look of how the industry works and a real-time experience as well.

Real-time Practice

At all levels of the course the students are regularly trained to practice their skills and handle situations of the hospitality industry through work in dedicated kitchens, training restaurants, bar, hotel inspired guest rooms and front desk set-up which are exquisitely designed for giving them a real-time practice.

Independent Learning

Independent learning of students starts when they commence their industrial training from various top hotel brands and implement the same towards in-house events where their management skills like planning and execution are improvised.

Guest / Expert Lecture

Interactions with hospitality professionals, chefs, top achievers of the industry, hotel visits and workshops are some of the regular practices at JIHM. We make it a point to schedule such activities as it not only benefits the students academically but also refreshes and energizes them.

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